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App Builder for busy small business owners

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Mobile Apps Learn the basics of writing iOS, Mac apps with Swifty hobbyists or those who simply want to tinker will need to take the time to learn Swift in order to write apps for Apple devices. Brainstorm ideas with these three mind mapping apps on iOS and macOS.

Write iOS apps in Java along with Android

By William Gallagher Friday, August 17,am PT ( am ET) Write down every idea, and every unfinished notion you. Google Docs Apps: Web, Android, iOS Other Options: Word Web App Related: Use app integration tool Zapier to set up a notification—such as a Slack message—for when a new file is added to a specific Google Drive folder, making it easier to pass off a document for edits.

Migeran is a complete Development Environment for writing iOS Apps in the Java Language | Check out 'Migeran: Write iOS Apps in Java' on Indiegogo.

Migeran is a complete Development Environment for writing iOS Apps in the Java Language. Well, both Native Mac and iOS apps are both written in the same programming language — Objective-C — and use the same set of tools to create and build applications.

So starting with a command line app is the simplest way to start learning the basics.

Write apps for ios
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How to Write Your Own iPhone Apps: Skills, Tools & Outsourcing